General Advice

If you are new to motion control then we can help by providing advice on how to go about it. This includes areas such as: different types of mechanism, rotary vs. linear servos, servos vs. AC drives, feedback devices, etc. We can guide you regarding what you can expect from a modern control system in terms of functionality and performance.

Control System Specification

For maximum success correct specification and component selection is paramount. Plc's have become relatively mature products. A consequence of this is a steady reduction in technical differences between various manufacturers' offerings. Motion Control equipment however is less mature in this respect and significant technical differences still exist. Whilst we have specialist knowledge of certain manufacturers equipment we are also truly independent and can therefore build solutions from "best-of-breed" components.


The sizing and selection of Servodrives and associated equipment is fundamental to the ultimate performance of the machine. Servo-Sizing is a specialised service which JOMOTO can provide with confidence thereby significantly reducing the risk involved with new mechanical designs or modifications.

Engineered Solutions

We offer services to complement your own skills and resources.

  • Design and Build of Electrical Panels.
  • Software Development & Integration.
  • Bespoke Control Solutions.

We can also assist with sub-contract manufacture of mechanical components, Sub-Systems or even Complete Machines.

Application Software & Configuration

Quality Application Software is key to the success of a project, and is influential throughout the product life. It must meet projected budget costs and timescales. To ensure this is the case JOMOTO Limited prides itself on working to the highest standards at all stages from Proposal to Functional Specification, Software Design & Development through to Commissioning and on-going maintenance. In an ever-changing world End-Users are constantly demanding new features which are often software functions. Good Design, Documentation and Software Structure are imperative to facilitate cost effective support and future development.

Field Service & Support

We are happy to provide support in the field, including systems installed abroad. Our fluency in the Italian language can sometimes be beneficial.